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Legislation Tracker Map: Local Food
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2008 Local Food Legislation Tracker

The State Legislation Tracker and accompanying map provide up-to-date information on bills introduced to support and protect local and community food systems as well as enhance sustainable farming systems.

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Local Food & Food Democracy

2007 Food Democracy Legislation Tracker

Table updated July 7, 2008
State Year Bill Language Date / Link
Alabama 2008 none    
Alaska 2008 none    
Arizona 2008 none    
Arkansas 2008 none    
California 2008 none    
Colorado 2008 none    
Connecticut 2008 none    
Delaware 2008 none    
Florida 2008 SB2468 Creating the Florida Farm Fresh Schools Program to create policies which encourage schools and school districts to purchase fresh and local foods. FL SB2468
Georgia 2008 none    
Hawaii 2008 none    
Idaho 2008 none    
Illinois 2008 none    
2007 HB1300 Creates the Illinois Food, Farms, and Jobs Act and the Illinois Local and Organic Food and Farm Task Force... Provides that the Task Force shall develop a plan for expanding and supporting a State local and organic food system and for assessing and overcoming obstacles to an increase in locally grown food and local organic food production... Amends the State Finance Act to create the Illinois Local Organic Food and Farm Fund. IL HB1300

Indiana 2008 none    
Iowa 2008 HF735 An Act relating to organic food by providing for the duties of the department, establishing a council, and establishing... An Iowa foods initiative. The Initiative shall promote the production, handling, processing, and marketing of Iowa foods in a manner that is sustainable, promotes the development of local and statewide food systems, and revitalizes rural communities. Year Introduced: 2007 IA HF735
Kansas 2008 none    
Kentucky 2008 none    
Louisiana 2008 none    
Maine 2008 none    
Maryland 2008 none    
Massachusetts 2008 none    
Michigan 2008 none    
Minnesota 2008 none    
Mississippi 2008 none    
Missouri 2008 none    
Montana 2008 none    
Nebraska 2008 none    
Nevada 2008 none    
New Hampshire 2008 none    
New Jersey 2008 none    
New Mexico 2008 none    
New York 2008 A02502 Authorizes the department of health to implement a community food security, empowerment and economic development program (SEED) to help meet the food need of low-income people and promote comprehensive responses to local food, farm and nutrition issues; provides grants for the cost of program projects which will be available to non-profit organizations and local governments, with limited partnership with for-profit enterprises; makes related provisions. NY A02502
2008 A05024 Finances the transportation and distribution of New York state farm grown products to food service markets, including restaurants, schools, colleges, and others, especially in underserved urban and other communities. NY A05024
North Carolina 2008 HB1954 A bill to appropriate from the General Fund to the County of Robeson the sum of seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000) for the 2007-2008 fiscal year and the sum of seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000) for the 2008-2009 fiscal year to: (i) establish the Robeson County Food Planning Association and complete a Community Food Assessment (CFA); and (ii) plan and design the development of a local food system and the sustainability of the Southeastern North Carolina Farmers Market. NC HB1954
North Dakota 2008 none    
Ohio 2008 none    
Oklahoma 2008 none    
Oregon 2008 none    
Pennsylvania 2008 SB997 An Act establishing the Local Agriculture Promotion Program; providing for powers and duties of the Department of Agriculture; establishing the Local Agriculture Promotion Fund; providing for grants; and making an appropriation. PA SB997
Rhode Island 2008 none    
South Carolina 2008 none    
South Dakota 2008 none    
Tennessee 2008 none    
Texas 2008 none    
Utah 2008 none    
Vermont 2008 H0133 Directing state agencies and institutions to procure Vermont agricultural products. VT H0133
Virginia 2008 none    
Washington 2008 none    
West Virginia 2008 none    
Wisconsin 2008 none    
Wyoming 2008 none    

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