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Safe Pregnancy Project

Families that are planning or expecting a new baby assume that as long as they are in good health, they can expect a fine, healthy baby. Unfortunately, our research shows that hidden toxic exposures can threaten this otherwise rosy picture.

Substances in the air, water and food expectant parents encounter can jeopardize the success of their pregnancy, long before it actually begins. Here at CETOS we are concerned with toxic substances like dioxins, PCBs and mercury that can build up in the body and later harm a developing fetus.

To offset these risks, we are devising a set of guidelines to assist families planning pregnancy to minimize their exposure to potentially harmful substances, while offering valuable information about how to offset fetal risks by increasing intake of folic acid and other beneficial nutritional supplements.

CETOS has previously worked with the March of Dimes to develop its Risk Profiling System. Now it is making this information freely available, with the permission of the March of Dimes, on its website. We hope this material proves useful and instructive!

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